Classic Soccer Balls

Size 3 Soccer Ball/Dinosaur


Calling All Soccer Players! Our Crocodile Creek #3 soccer ball is the perfect gift for young children learning to play soccer! Size #3 is considered to be the introductory size for organized soccer activities and will help teach your child fundamental skills and encourage them to be involved in team sports. Our soccer balls are made from high-quality synthetic rubber with a rubber bladder, are 7" in diameter and are the perfect size for kids ages 4-8. Constructed with heavy-duty, synthetic leather and a sturdy rubber bladder, our soccer balls hold up to indoor and outdoor play.

  • Balls are shipped inflated – ready to play
  • Balls PVC and Latex-free
  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather and a sturdy rubber bladder.
  • We are always committed to making sure all of our products meet the highest international safety standards to assure our products are safe for children.
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      Size 3 Soccer Ball/Dinosaur


      High-quality soccer balls in eye-catching colors with fun images! Size 3 soccer balls are the introductory size for organized soccer activities. Made from high-quality synthetic leather with a rubber bladder. Great for indoor and outdoor games and for developing footwork skills.
      Size 3 Soccer Ball/Dinosaur