5" Playground Balls

5" Playground Ball - World


Planet Earth! This durable, inflatable and colorful playground ball takes playtime to a whole new realm. Crocodile Creek offers two different sizes, 5” and 7”, of beautifully textured balls. This smaller 5" ball is perfect for indoor and outdoor play but also particularly great for little ones helping to learn throwing, catching, and kicking skills. Open-ended physical play with this Crocodile Creek playground ball will help your little one stay active and engaged all day long!

  • Balls are 5” in diameter
  • Ships Inflated
  • Made of textured natural and synthetic rubber
  • For Ages 3 and up
  • Crocodile Creek products are always a step above the ordinary, made of high quality durable materials and are thoroughly tested to assure they are always kid-safe.
Age Range:

Backyard, Beach, or Playground!

Kids of all Ages love to play with balls. Our Crocodile Creek natural rubber balls are tough and sturdy and have a textured surface for easy gripping and throwing. They come in a myriad of popular themes certain to delight children of all ages...dinosaurs, mermaids, vehicles, wild animals, unicorns, and more! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play!

Customer Reviews

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Playground ball

Nice texture, size and graphics. My two year old granddaughter noticed the fishes in the oceans and wanted to identify them🥰


Very nice!

The BEST play balls

These products are amazing. They are playground sturdy affordable balls in sizes that work so well for toddlers and up to teens with wonderful art choices. We bought one for our three year old, and one for our five year old grandkids. These products are the go-to toy for outside activities for both kids and their friends and my grandson loves the "earth" art ! There are so many good choices. This product will last and the price is right, easy to order and great customer service!


Love these balls, cute patterns, tough material but not dog tough😉, and quick delivery