NASA Puzzles

NASA Puzzle Bundle

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Blast off! Embark on an epic celestial adventure with our mesmerizing NASA Puzzle Bundle! Featuring captivating images sourced from the NASA archives, these awe-inspiring puzzles showcase the beauty and grandeur of our solar system. Our educational puzzles provide a wonderful opportunity for young minds to learn about our cosmic neighborhood in a fun and interactive way. 


Bundle Includes:


Kid-Safe – All Crocodile Creek puzzles are of high quality durable materials and are thoroughly tested to assure they are always kid-safe.
Eco-friendly – All Crocodile Creek puzzles are made with soy-based inks, paper from Forest Stewardship Council approved forests and have no interior plastic packaging.

High-Quality - Crocodile Creek puzzles pieces are made of strong blue board that will not tear or break.
Puzzles encourage problem solving and foster eye-hand coordination and development of fine motor skills.