7" Playground Balls

7" Playground Ball - Dinosaur Blue

What kid doesn't love to play ball? Now they can play indoors and outdoors with this beautifully illustrated textured 7" Playground Ball. Girls and boys ages 3 and up will love the artwork. It is made from natural and synthetic rubber and is PVC and BPA free. Perfect for camp, sports, and playground activities including kickball, dodgeball, and foursquare. Encourage your child to be more active with a Crocodile Creek ball!

  • Balls are 7" in diameter
  • Heavy-duty inflatable play balls that are made from high-quality natural and synthetic rubber
  • Ships Inflated
  • Teaches fundamental kicking, throwing, and catching skills
  • PVC, BPA Free
Age Range:

Backyard, Beach, or Playground!

Kids of all Ages love to play with balls. Our Crocodile Creek natural rubber balls are tough and sturdy and have a textured surface for easy gripping and throwing. They come in a myriad of popular themes certain to delight children of all ages...dinosaurs, mermaids, vehicles, wild animals, unicorns, and more! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play!

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

I bought four of these balls for my great nieces and nephews and each one their favorite animal. What could be better? They know whose is whose!

Karen Leonard

Love these playground balls! They're a perfect size for my six and four-year-old grandchildren.

Alinda Dunn

My dog loves them


I ordered 6 playground balls for my grandchildren for Easter, well in advance of the holiday. They arrived AFTER the holiday. (I told them the date I would hopefully receive them by.) Not only did they arrive after Easter, one was defective & not the size I ordered & paid for.
Response time is very very slow on the return emails. Unfortunately, I will not be ordering from this company again. They need to investigate another means of shipping their products out & a quicker response time in completing the order once they receive it.

Leandra Preston

All my daughter wanted from Santa was a "pink ball." Wow--that's easy. Or so I thought. I'm an online shoper and the pink ball was somewhat elusive, as most results returned those little bouncy balls you win at the arcade. I have about a hundred of those under my couch so wanted something bigger and more impressive--something Santa-worthy. I read reviews to assess bouncy-ness and such and this seemed just right. And it was. Of the many gifts Santa brought, this was the first one she went for. She was thrilled and it was already sufficiently inflated for use, the perfect size for her little two-year-old hands/arms, and just soft and bouncy enough for typical child play. Not too big, not too small, not too hard, not too soft, and definitely not too expensive. As Goldilocks says...JUST RIGHT.