Geographical Puzzles

100-pc Discover Puzzle/World Animals**


The giant floor 100 piece jigsaw puzzle is a perfect for little ones to learn about the earth, the continent and animals that are indigenous to each continent and the oceans. The 3 foot puzzle also comes with 21 put-together animal figures and one can use as a game to find them in the continent they live. Also included is a guide book that has details about each of the animals featured on the puzzle and in the figures. Great for all ages. All Crocodile Creek's puzzles are printed with soy-based ink on recycled cardboard.

  • 100 puzzle pieces that can be stored in sturdy box when not in use.
  • Great interaction for parents and kids - and everyone keeps learning!
  • Puzzle pieces are made of strong, high-quality blue board that will not tear or break. Printed with soy-based inks.
  • 21 figures that are animals that are found in differently worldly places. Kids can match them up to which continent or sea they belong to.

Age Range:
Piece Count:
Puzzle Size:
36"W x 27.5"H
100-pc Discover Puzzle/World Animals**

Discover Play + Learn

Five dynamically illustrated puzzles that are 3 feet wide! These 100-piece geography puzzles include 21 stand-up figures for seek & find matching. A fun fact book incorporates details about animals, states, provinces, or space. Great family fun!
100-pc Discover Puzzle/World Animals**





Puzzle pieces are made of strong, high-quality board that will not tear or break printed with soy-based inks